Welcome to our Chronic Confusion. This is intended to be a humorous look at our life. If you don’t chuckle, you are likely not the intended audience. You are welcome here, anyway. We are an inclusive family, and as my phenomenal OBGYN says, “Not everyone liked Jesus, and I’m no Jesus.”

Have a great day!

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My bliss

It’s been three months now, and we are officially in a new rhythm. I’m not sure it’s a recognizable rhythm to a familiar tune, but it’s definitely a rhythm. The summer was full of visits and fun. Prince Charming drove our clan across the Rockies, through the Great Plains, and up to the Land of … Continue reading My bliss

Five things…

To feel human, and to give my brain a break from grading research papers, I must write something else. How about a list? FIVE THINGS I’LL MISS ABOUT BEING PREGNANT #5 Wait, five? Let’s move on to four. #4 Ummmmm. Perhaps three will come to me. #3 Prince Charming’s aversion to feeling the baby move … Continue reading Five things…

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