The Pregnant Pause


The Pregnant Pause

The North American English phrase “pregnant pause” is nowhere to be found in the Oxford Dictionary; it’s not in the Longman, either. Thankfully, did not let me down. Here are two definitions proposed by the faithful followers of Urban Dictionary’s website:

  1. “A pregnant pause often occurs when something that requires a sarcastic response      happens, but no one quite knows what to say or do.” (Urban Dictionary, online, jcsavestheday August 22, 2008 )
  2. “Delay in speech used to give one time to consider the consequences of a             statement.” (Urban Dictionary, MichelleM Sept 30, 2006).

There you have it. The pause in conversation between you and me for the next number of days, weeks, months, or perhaps years when a blank stare occurs mid-sentence will forever-more be referred to as a “pregnant pause”. You know I would want to make a sarcastic response, but my brain will not allow it. Perhaps this delay in speech will allow you time to let the brilliance soak in, but more likely, you will join my in my confusion. #EmbraceTheChaos #EmbraceTheConfusion

I don’t need a “mommy brain” explanation. I’ve read the Dr. Serrallach’s work on Postnatal Depletion, too. Hippy dippy? I’m not sure, but it feels real today.

If we are lucky enough to be together, you with your delicious craft beer, and me with my delicious large glass of ice cold water, please know that you will experience a pregnant pause through me.

You are welcome.

Enjoy my Chronic Confusion.

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