And we have a heartbeat…

And we have a heartbeat! And a sonogram photo– but I swear Prince Charming has it, and he is certain that I do, so I guess that may (or may not) magically appear soon.

Prince Charming, Cutie #1, Cutie #2, and I got to hear Cutie #3’s heartbeat yesterday afternoon! It was whooshy, just like it’s supposed to be. Baby, currently an adorable (Cutie #1 thought #3 looked like an alien– I assume he meant an ADORABLE alien) bean-curved embryo, is measuring at seven weeks, so it is likely that the May the Fourth due date will stick, but like I said last time, 1 & 2 both arrived at 38.5 weeks. We shall see what lies ahead.

When I heard baby’s heartbeat, it became much more real. Holy cow. There is a baby inside of me right now. That just blows my mind. We may still have three kids: our great compromise. Incredible.

We are grateful for this incredibly good luck!

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