essays are a pain; genies are amazing

The day began like most Mondays. I arrived in my office a few minutes before 8 o’clock, I fired up my laptop, I signed in to my class management system to start grading essays, and headed out to check on the troops. This is my morning routine, and it is especially important when I am avoiding the essays I wanted to finish grading last week.

The troops were fine; none needed me bothering them with my quirky sense of humor, so I went back into my office and began the unbearable: grading essays for my online English course. I provide feedback, which is largely ignored. I proceed on to likely break some hearts.  It’s not the goal to break hearts, but it happens. Online teaching (and learning) is really hard.There is no tone of voice, but the students don’t seem to believe that. There seems to be a widely held belief that I am mean. Take my class face-to-face, and no such belief, but online, I am Professor Dragon Lady.

I have a stand up desk, and it allows me to provide feedback while standing. Standing is better than sitting when essays are good. This sounds great, but the essays were just too bad today. And the pain began. Oh man did it hurt.

With this sub chorionic bleed, I was told if I have any cramping or pain, to let my doctor know. I could not tell if I had eaten too much broccoli last night, read too many bad essays this morning, or had cramping, so I called.

By noon, I was back in my favorite ultrasound tech’s exam room. As if she were a genie, I made three wishes: 1. please let the baby have a heartbeat; 2. please let it be the right speed; and 3. if you don’t mind, I’d like the sub chorionic bleed to have resolved.

Shazam! She’s a GENIE!

  1. Baby – growth on track! Life is good;
  2. Heart rate – 174 bpm – heart attack inducing for me, but perfect for baby; and
  3. Sub chorionic bleed has resolved!cutie#3.jpg

Baby is growing and measuring exactly on track. I still have a bit of discomfort and occasional sharp pain which I hope will subside as soon as these essays improve. Thank you for holding us in your hearts. It means more than you know.


4 thoughts on “essays are a pain; genies are amazing

  1. Congrats on ALL the good news!
    Hope the essays get better 😆
    I love you all and can’t wait to meet the new little bundle of joy!



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