This week started out with an eruptive bang! Cutie #2 caught something like a minor plague, and on it went. She’s fine now, quite frankly she was mostly fine then, but it did result in me changing my clothes three times before I left Monday morning. This would normally be no big deal, but I only have three pairs of maternity pants.

Best part: Cutie #2 is back to her spunky self.
Worst part: Laundry has piled up. Not a big deal.

After work, I headed to the booming metropolis of Bakersfield to see if I could meet one of California’s Senate candidates. Turns out, I might be in some of their footage, and I am REALLY glad I found the second outfit’s, shall we say, bodily fluids, prior to leaving that morning.

So if you see me holding a political sign for a candidate, know that it’s all for Cutie #2. She deserves every second of advocacy and so very much more.

Here’s a list of senators and representatives currently serving on the Congressional Task Force on Down Syndrome. If yours is here, know that this does not secure a vote, it simply keeps a line of communication, education, and understanding open between our Down syndrome community and government. If you have a minute, send a note to your Representative or Senator either a) requesting he or she join or b) thanking him or her for committing to our community.That would make my #ThreeOutfitMonday worth the effort. There are zero Minnesotans on the #DSTaskForce. What’s up with that Minnesota?


Screenshot 2016-10-13 06.04.50.png


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