Potato balls from Porto’s


Besides advocacy drama, this week was “real-life” full, too! I found a baby blanket pattern (Chevron Baby Blanket) that I could knit while parenting, well mostly while riding along with my family. Knitting keeps my hands busy, and helps me leave the phone so I can use my brain to enjoy my family. Those smartphones are not well-named.

Then, after Club 21 last Saturday, Prince Charming stopped at my favorite bakery, Porto’s! The papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes) are my favorite. They don’t look like much, but man are they delicious. He also went overboard with pastries and tons of deliciousness I should not have eaten, but I did. The mango mousse was, of course, perfect.

I have an appointment this week, and I am hoping my magical OBGYN will give me permission to get some energy back. First trimester is nearly complete. I have, as many sweet people have pointed out to me, a baby bump. And, now that Prince Charming picked up a few pairs of maternity pants, I am clothed everyday! Life could not be much better!

Confusion is at a minimum; exhaustion sets in a few inconvenient times each day. By 7 pm, I am a proverbial pumpkin. I used to be able to stay up until at least 8 pm. That time has passed.

Next week is our Club 21 Learning and Resource Center’s Walkathon! If you are able to walk with us, and have $21 burning a hole in your pocket, sign up to walk to donate today. We’d love to see you.

Down Syndrome Awareness month is half way over; last year we attended four Down syndrome walks in October. This year, we only have one scheduled. We had to cut back where we could, and that was something we could remove, knowing that next year might be a little easier to enjoy a full schedule again.

Today, we chill. It is a perfectly un-filled day of #nothingplanned.



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