Charlie Banana v Pampers

I told you I’d update you on the Materni21 NIPT screening I had drawn last Tuesday. Since we knew the results wouldn’t return until 10-14 days out, I was surprised when my Fabulous OBGYN called me Tuesday night. Of course, my ringer was off. It usually is. Since she is fabulous, I sent her a text… we do that now… and she called me right back.

There is something to be said for believing your intuition.

I am thrilled to know I can deliver Cutie #3 in Bakersfield with Dr. Fabulous since the screening came back without evidence of trisomies. For people who haven’t hit the genetic lottery with the births of your children, that means no detected genetic conditions. Now, Dr Fabulous certainly can, and has, delivered babies with genetic conditions, like Down syndrome, but I would not have delivered in our hospital because of the possibility of a rough start.

Cutie #2 was very lucky to not have any additional conditions (that we knew of) when she was born in my hometown hospital in Minnesota. That is a story for another day, but Cutie #3, assuming all goes smoothly from here on out, will join us in Bakersfield while Cuties 1 & 2 hang out with their Auntie J and Uncle T (hopefully Auntie J discussed this with Uncle T before today). Friends are the family we choose, and our friends are a cherished gift.

So anyway, when Cutie #3 arrives, he will likely pee on his own head when we change his diaper. Boys do that. At least Cutie #1 did. And so did ever baby boy whose diaper I changed while babysitting. As did the majority of my 20-some male cousins. I assume my little brother did, too. Probably Prince Charming, too. It’s pretty common.


Tiny diapers, here we come! Maybe we’ll finally use our Charlie Banana diapers,

Screenshot 2016-10-28 03.59.29.png

but I’ve met us.

It will likely be Pampers. Again.

Screenshot 2016-10-28 03.58.14.png




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