Balls of Gas

Cutie #1 at the Mall of America’s Crayola Experience. Apparently, this is how we pose for pictures.

This week saw some important, if not difficult, events occur. Our Cutie #1 completed his seventh rotation around the huge ball of gas some of us call the Sun, a huge ball of gas became our Nation’s 45th president, and I’m forty and pregnant… so gas all around. Political commentary complete.


Another ball of gas

Cutie #1 has decided he prefers to celebrate his birthday with season passes to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, instead of the annual pilgrimage to Chuck E. Cheese. I couldn’t be prouder. He had to weigh pros and cons, and without pressure from his muggle parents, he’s taking us all to Universal Studios in Hollywood!


My body has been pretty well-behaved since Prince Charming was discharged from the hospital… I have been sleeping better, and my brain seems to be working most of the time. Wait— did I forget to mention my PC was in the hospital? Let me tell you one thing. I was not meant to be a single parent. I really don’t know who is, but it is not my calling. While most of our family would likely survive, I am so incredibly grateful to have my healthy(ish) partner back, and life is back to its chaotic rhythm.

26 weeks.

I am 26 weeks pregnant this week. In two weeks, I will have my 20 week ultrasound… don’t judge; life has been busy. So, at 28 weeks of gestation, we will have a level 2 ultrasound — you know, the super-duper ultrasound so we don’t have any “surprises”– euphemism for genetic conditions. I find this hilarious, since life is one surprise after the next, and I simply assume there will be surprises with Cutie #3, like with his older siblings. Why wouldn’t there be?

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