34 weeks

I’m not sure where the past few months have gone, perhaps I’ll find them stuffed between the cushions of our couch.

I’ve learned quite a bit in the past few weeks:

  1. I hurt. Between sporadic sciatica pain,  the pain I feel when watching the news, and the pain from scrolling through Facebook, I have cut back on media intake dramatically. This hasn’t really helped the sciatica, but my mental health is better.
  2. As far as we know, Cutie #3 is still measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule. We love our over-achievers.
  3. Advocacy still matters to me. I am honored to have been invited by CalABLE friends to testify in Sacramento in support of SB 218 next Wednesday.
  4. If I assigned less work, I’d have less grading to complete. This one will likely never be fully grasped.
  5. Contractions hurt. Maternal amnesia is the only way the human race has survived.
  6. I’m tired.
  7. Sitting hurts.
  8. Lying down hurts.
  9. So does getting back up.
  10. This pain is temporary, and it will pass. Get over it, #GoldenMomma.

Cutie #1 gets more interesting every day. I love talking with him, and I love seeing him figure out his world. He is his mother’s son. His ability to figure things out astonishes me. He taught me how to do a few things this week. He has a knack for it.

IMG_8681.jpg CC38585E-E43F-4C48-B600-CC639940E2E2.jpg

Cutie #2 is a ham. Last night, she serenaded Prince Charming and me with a rousing rendition of “Let It Go”, complete with her microphone from speech therapy and multiple bows at the end, as we cheer with gusto. When we do a good job on something, she enthusiastically applauds and shouts, “Bravo” for us, too.


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