My bliss

It’s been three months now, and we are officially in a new rhythm. I’m not sure it’s a recognizable rhythm to a familiar tune, but it’s definitely a rhythm. The summer was full of visits and fun. Prince Charming drove our clan across the Rockies, through the Great Plains, and up to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the umpteenth time. Cutie 1 perfected his marshmallow roasting skills. Cutie 2 played the middle child with style and sass. And Cutie 3 ate, pooped, and cooed all summer long.

On the way home, we stopped at Arches National Park. Here’s a pic of our Cuties melting in the heat.


We headed back to California in time for the National Down Syndrome Congress Convention in Sacramento. It was our third conference since Cutie 2’s birth back in 2012. The convention is our opportunity to just be a family. We didn’t stick out. We weren’t in the presence of a rock star. We were just us. I most loved seeing so many adults with Down syndrome texting their peeps while walking down the corridors, living life, just being. Nothing “amazing” needed, just a touch of perspective. We aren’t big on inspiration porn at our house; we just enjoy everyday life in our tribe.

After the conference, we headed to the gorgeous California Central Coast for a family camping trip. All of the Cuties did great. We loved it, and we are already planning our next trip. If your family, like ours, includes a person with a disability, check out the Disabled Discount Pass. It costs $3.50 and provides 50% off camping, day use, and boat fees at California State Parks.IMG_9726


Overall, summer’s been fantastic. I return to campus next week, and no, I’m not ready, nor am I excited. Grateful, yes, but excited, not so much.


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