Still pregnant

img_7836 (L.A. Zoo and Cutie #1)

Today is another Monday, not my favorite day of the week. We spent the weekend doing weekend things. Club 21, our incredible Down syndrome community, on Saturday, LA Zoo on Sunday. We don’t take the iPad, or as I call it, “Crack for Children”,  out much, so our kids do odd 1985 things like talk with us, talk to each other, and observe the world. Car rides from our isolated, but lovely, mountain community, to our events in Los Angeles County are generally 1.5 hours or more in the car, so we have time to spend together. Cutie #1 sang random songs. Cutie #2 wrote letters in her mini-notebook, I knit, through the exhaustion and nausea, and Prince Charming drove.


I am clearly still pregnant. YIPPIE! For me, being pregnant involves exhaustion, total forgetfulness and a queasy stomach. BOOOO! I’ll celebrate the developing human, but I struggle to celebrate the queasy. It also includes fewer pieces of clothing to choose from each day. Some formerly pregnant friends are going to spot me some maternity clothes, and all should be well in the pants department soon.

What does “still pregnant” look like this week? On Friday, I had an intake appointment and blood draws. I had the opportunity to opt in to complete prenatal screening for trisomies, like Down syndrome. For the first time, I will actually do it. Since Cutie #2 already has Down syndrome, I feel pretty confident in my ability to do it again; however, having a bit of information beforehand this time is not the worst thing ever, especially if we have to deliver in California (dread).

The best part… we found out our estimated due date is May the Fourth. YES! #StarWarsDay. While neither Prince Charming, nor I believe that Cutie #3 will be born on the appointed day, but the idea of a Star Wars Baby is so cool.

Tomorrow we have our first ultrasound. It’s depressingly called a “viability ultrasound”, you know, to make sure the pregnancy has a shot. Since we don’t really know how far along I am, my OBGYN ordered an early ultrasound. (“Early ultrasound” sounds better than “viability ultrasound”, right.) We are hoping for a little fluttering being to show up on the screen tomorrow. Our fingers are firmly crossed. If you have a minute, cross yours for us.

One thought on “Still pregnant

  1. Yeah uh viability ultrasound????!! That’s a truly horrific name I’ve never heard thankfully.

    Goooooood luck with the upcoming tests. You got this!!

    Love the 1980s reminiscing activities like COMMUNICATION!! Is this a new fad you are starting?? I think of that cartoon movie from a few years back that had everyone being driven around all day by automatic cars (the characters all being quite pleasantly plump!!) and kinda pray for that reality of the distracted driving reality we are in doesn’t change here ASAP.

    Exciting for your family with s new addition. Three is AWESOME!!! Love the zoo too and CLUB 21 rules earth.


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