Young and Interesting

As confusion subsides, and exhaustion abates, I am starting to realize that I am pregnant. I am less foggy than I was, and life is beginning a lovely rhythm. However, that realization is largely in that background. I don’t really seem to have time to just enjoy this moment this week, so right now, I am going to take a deep cleansing breath and love this moment, this baby, this unexpected joy.

That felt so good. Thanks.

I think I will do that a little more often.

The awesome, non-pregnancy things that happened this week were:

  1. Cutie #2 started saying “I’m sorry”. And since she has a tendency to injure me unintentionally, she had the opportunity to say it many times.
  2. Cutie #1’s sight word list includes the words “as”, which when sounded out, instead of memorized, makes him say “a$$”, then giggle and say, “Sorry, Mom. That’s a bad word.” No, my love. It’s “azzzzzzz”. You’re just fine.Screenshot 2016-09-25 06.22.21.png
  3. I had the chance to present at Kern Down Syndrome Network yesterday. I hopefully helped parents avoid the struggles we have had. At least they know they are not alone.
  4. We met two new families at Kern DSN. My heart is full.
  5. Prince Charming is working on finishing up projects so his wife doesn’t lose her marbles. He is an amazing man. Marbles are so hard to come by these days.
  6. Our Club 21 Walkathon donations are starting to roll in! Team Reyes is on the map!

Overall, it’s a great life. I couldn’t have planned it, guessed it, dreamed it, or created it if I tried. There are more twists and turns than I expected, but that keeps us young and interesting.


One thought on “Young and Interesting

  1. You expressed such real and glorious life moments; it took me back in time as my almost 28 yr old came home this day to ‘visit’ her mom. I know it is probably unimaginable to think you will be where I am someday, but it’ll sneak up on you. So I am so happy that you are being present with your family today. {{Hugs}}


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