27 weeks, and 27 pounds to go…

If the website The Visible Embryo is reliable, Cutie #3 is currently 2 lbs, almost 16” long and I’ve gained between 17 and 24 lbs.

That’s ridiculous.. the baby is clearly 35 lbs, and I have gained an additional 15 lbs. There is no other reasonable explanation. Or, perhaps, I am of the heftier northern European stock, and the baby is 35 lbs, but I’ve gained 20 lbs. That could explain it. Either way, this one is bigger than Cutie #2 at 2 years of age. Natural birth, my eye.

Screenshot 2017-02-04 06.15.25.png

Not our baby

We still haven’t had an ultrasound with the perinatologist. That should happen on the 16th. My parents are coming out to visit us at the end of April, and we are looking forward to that. Classes are moving forward. Life is humming. All is well.

But, I hurt. I assume, it’s in part due to the 45 lb baby (it takes a while to finish typing and I think he must have gained 10 lbs since the top of the page).  It’s likely also in part to my #GoldenPregnancy status. I hurt with Cutie #2, but this is worse… or I have a worse attitude about it.

Cutie #3 is an active one. Fingers crossed that all continues to go well.

Cuties 1 and 2 love to zerbert (blow raspberries on) my enormous belly – no photos of that here.

Much love and chronic confusion,



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