Five things…

To feel human, and to give my brain a break from grading research papers, I must write something else. How about a list?


#5 Wait, five? Let’s move on to four.

#4 Ummmmm. Perhaps three will come to me.

#3 Prince Charming’s aversion to feeling the baby move because “I don’t want to hurt him.” Such a strong man.

#2 Cuties 1 and 2 kissing baby brother and snuggling so they can feel him move around.

#1 The magical feeling of baby swimming around inside me. Yes. This I will miss.


#5 Being asked (for the 80th time) if I am having twins. This has happened with all three pregnancies.

#4 Being asked if I’m SURE I’m not having twins.

#3 Sciatic nerve pain

#2 SWP (sleeping while pregnant)

#1 Stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office. It is ridiculous that they mess with the calibration every time I’m there.



I am 2 cm dilated as of yesterday. Keep it coming, Cutie #3! Can’t wait to meet you!

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